v     Contributors at Quest have the opportunity to follow their passion and work in a secure virtual environment with other like minded individuals.


v     Contributors can post their ideas in a private forum where all members can vote and comment on the merits and scope of the idea.  This is an opportunity to get expert advice from other members in their field of innovation.


v     Contributors can post their patented inventions for public viewing at the Quests public face; the general community can give Quest Members some marketability feedback.  The public will have the opportunity to share with the Quest Members their consumer insights about the invention as a product, as well as to provide Quest Members with their opinion about marketability via a special rating scheme. 


v     Contributors can take the feedback from the Quest community and/or the public community and determine the next step. 


v     Contributors may discover it is best to abandon the idea or even, in some cases, a finished product,  and direct their energy to new prospects. 


v     Contributors can also take the feedback from the community and use it to improve the concept or product and resubmit it to the community for further insight or approval.


v     Contributors can also seek out other members whose input indicates they could add value to their work and seek out their interest in collaboration.


v     Contributors can turn their attention to the postings of other Quest Members seeking collaborators for their projects and see if there is a fit with their skills, expertise and knowledge.


v     Contributors will be able to create secure spaces with other collaborators to work together on projects regardless of the Quest Memberís physical location.


v     Contributors will have the opportunity to sort out conflicts between members on IP and other issues through an arbitration function, which will be administrated by Quest Members in similar disciplines.


v     Contributors have the unique opportunity to utilize an Open Enterprise Governance Model for business development around their product.  Open Enterprise Governance is a web platform where people can start and run companies in a new decentralized way, building a platform for peer-to-peer companies, which are more agile, resilient, and innovative.


v     Contributors can also collaborate with those involved professional Associate Members, to build a traditional top down business enterprise, using the collaboration tools offered by the Quest.


v     Contributors can raise capital at the Quests peer to peer funding website, where Quest Members can post their patented inventions to attract funds for developing the invention into a product.


v     Contributors can sell their manufactured inventions at the Quests website, which is devoted to showcasing and marketing products developed by independent inventors.


v     Contributors may also wish to follow the example of Ben Franklin and make their inventions and innovations immediately public and not apply for a patent.    


- Benjamin Franklin -

ďAs we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others,

we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any

invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously.Ē


- Francis Bacon - 

"On Innovation"

"INVENTION is the process through which something is produced or constructed by original thought." 

"INNOVATION is the process of applying and producing change."